Working on the Road: One Month

Step 1: Get remote job.
Step 2: Purchase reliable mobile internet.
Step 3: Complain about how unreliable the internet is.
I have been working on the road for one month and the internet has been great…and not so great.

I am happy to report that no matter what, it has been GOOD ENOUGH and that’s all that matters. Even when the connection is dog slow I am able to do my job seamlessly. I have been able to hold conference calls with vendors via voip phone, participate in video conferences and skype call with no issues. In fact, my co-workers have experienced network issues and I have been alright. The first two weeks the internet was slow and I was fine. The second two weeks the internet was CRAWLING AT AN UNBELIEVABLY SLOW RATE where I was going to have a damn panic attack at any given moment.

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I’m not even kidding. I was going to lose my damned mind.  When we pulled into Thousand Trails Orlando, the first 3 days I had great internet. It was fast, down and up, all hours of the day. I was getting a 25Mbps down which is plenty for HD streaming and video conferencing. On the third day I woke up to SLUDGE. We’re talking .01 down…dead. Even my Wilson booster couldn’t improve the issue I was having. I tried changing bands and channels on the jetpack and nada really helped. By switching to 5gHz and switching on my booster I was able to keep a steady 2-3Mbps which was enough for working.  It was panic attack inducing, but I got by. Anywhere else in the park I could get 25 down but in our spot something or someone became a complete block for me. It was unbearable. We couldn’t even watch YouTube videos. However…I GOT BY. That’s all that matters and it gave me the confidence to know that even when my internet is scarce and pretty slow, I am able to efficiently and effectively work seamlessly. I don’t need blazing internet to be a great employee.  Since I wasn’t a huge fan of that park, I got a lot of work done because I was inside most of the time kicking ass and taking names furiously writing reports for clients. Since we have experienced some issues with internet connectivity, we are looking into an additional back up internet provider. We currently have Verizon as our main source and Sprint as our back up. We are looking into getting AT&T.
Now that we’ve moved on, we are back in the land of great internet and I am happy to report that I am truly enjoying working from the road. I feel like I am so much more productive! When we lived in a house I used to wake up minutes before I was supposed to be working, I’d pretty much be useless the first hour or two and all around my mornings were pretty much wasted. Now I get up at the same, earlier time, every day. I walk the dog and make coffee and then settle in for work. By the time I get logged in, I’m fully awake and partially caffeinated. This works in favor of my employer for sure. I also like having a strict schedule. I’m not sure if I could freelance and full-time RV.  I think I would be too tempted to fluff off work and go play. Since I have a strict 8-5 schedule I get my work done, with my scheduled breaks, and there is little to no horsing around. It keeps me honest and it keeps me productive. Of course, I still procrastinate some…but being on the road has fueled me to ensure that I get my work done and don’t let being mobile get in my way. I would never want my employer to think that I am on some vacation or not taking my job seriously. I take my work very seriously and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a remote employee.
I still feel like distractions are a minimum. I frequently use my noise-cancelling headphones and the Bear is rarely around to distract me. He’s always off working on the RV or running errands. I have been able to work without distractions, remain dedicated and focused and complete my work.  My workspace is a bit smaller than it was in the house, but I have found that it stays much more organized. Before, I had crap scattered all over my desk and my drawers were always messy and cluttered. Everything in the RV has it’s space, including my desk. My headphones are mounted above my monitors, my pens and note pads are neatly organized in their containers and because my desk space is so limited…it remains clean and clutter-free. My space is comfortable and organized and I always have a great view! This week we are backed up to a cow pasture and we even have a donkey that visits us! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect Roaming cubicle!

We named her Juanita

Overall, I am extremely happy working remote and being mobile. While it has it’s struggles, it has been awesome. I am more relaxed and focused and feel like I am doing a much better job. I love what I do, I love my employer and I am so fortunate that I have the ability to do this.

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    The first part of this post was so nerdtastic, that it may as well have been Greek to me. So your fellow techies will love it! I love that it’s working out so well for you…you’ll be able to write and self-publish a guide on, not only remote working, but remote AND on-the-go working. I love your insights!

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