Who is this Pookie?

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die. 
Unicorns are real
Just kidding! My name is Melinda aka Pookie // aka The Pookinator // aka Hey you there with the funny shoes!
I like unicorns, dinosaurs and sci-fi shows with leading females.
Grr Arrg
I am an IT Professional for a South Florida manufacturing company. I spend my day decrypting epic data mysteries. In my spare time, I moonlight as a ninja that dominates treacherous obstacles to reap the rewards of shiny trinkets, refreshing libations and burned meat.In addition to obstacle course racing, I also participate in GORUCK events, weight lifting and shooting sports on a regular basis. Occasionally, I like to dodge sharks with my surfboard and wreck my mountain bike attempting sick jumps (or hopping over little 2×4’s….he says, she says!)
My life revolves around love and adventure. I am a calico pony on an open plain. My small family, which includes a husband and a very stubborn old dog , is currently making preparations to move into a 37 foot Class A Motorhome and begin our journey of living a location independent lifestyle. We will be touring our beautiful Country lifting weights and pint glasses everywhere we go!
As we are preparing to hit the road we are developing a series of video blogs to showcase our adventures as well as reach out to other young people who are infected with wanderlust. We will also be creating a series of videos and (hopefully!) speaking publicly on technology and mobility.
On that note, I wish to conclude my introduction with one of my favorite videos…
Who doesn’t love boots?

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