A waffler walks into a bar.

A waffler walks into a bar… well, after they research all the local bars and wonder if they made the right decision the whole way there. Thankfully the bar at least has flights so you can choose 5 different beers instead of committing to just one.

You don’t really want to stay, no
But you don’t really want to go-o
You’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no
You’re in then you’re out
You’re up then you’re down.


Katy Perry was talking about me.


Living in a house, driving to the same job every day, going to the same gym and always surrounded by the same restaurant and entertainment options we aren’t really presented with many opportunities to make decisions.  The hardest decision I usually faced was “Do I want Chipotle or Pho?”   Let me tell you, that was a hard decision most days.
Things are different now. Do I like where I am today? Do we want to stay? If not, where do we go? Do I pick this campground or that RV park? What if the roads are too narrow? What if we don’t like that place either? What if it’s too hot? It’s too cold here! What if we leave and then it gets warmer? Will the next place be any better? Is the next place I pick going to have shitty unlevel sites and we end up getting in an argument because we’re both tired and we can’t get our damn house level? There are so many things to consider, should I just stay here and wait it out until the next planned reservation and deal with it being a crappy park?  Oh hello there decision fatigue and look, you brought your buddy analysis paralysis!
Don’t get me wrong, living and traveling in an RV is pretty bitchin’ but don’t get yourself all wrapped up in pretty Instagram pictures thinking it’s some kind of fancy vacation. When you go on vacation it’s what, 2…maybe 3 times a year?  You probably did a couple of days of research to pick the best hotel or campground, you researched all the area entertainment and dining options, you are super excited to get away! The decisions are made, you’re booked and you’re off on your vacation. When it’s over, you go back to your routine. Imagine doing that every day on top of your daily obligations.
It’s tiring.
I’m sure there are some super human awesome decision makers out there that love to fly by the seat of their pants and are always happy with whatever decision they make, but that’s not me. I’m a waffler. I’m a BAD waffler.  You’d think after 9 months it would get easier, like I figure out the most efficient way to pick a destination right? No, it gets harder because we keep learning new things that we have to consider….. like is it near train tracks or an airport? Is it close to the highway? I swear to penguins if I park us next to an airport one more time…..
Yeah, I know…see the good things…find the awesome upside to every place you go. You know what, you optimists can eat my butt. I know some of y’all are sitting there basking in your intentional living, freedom and whatever other buzzword hashtag you want to slap on to your 20 instagram posts a day, but you’re not sitting at a slight angle in sardine can RV park….which describes just about every park on the eastern seaboard. They slap the word resort on it, add a few zeros to the rate and shove it in with minimal lube.
Part of me doesn’t even want to post this because there’s gonna be some super optimist sally who has some smart ass comment, “well, you’ve got tires….move!”  Yeah, you’re damn right I do…we keep moving and each place we go is…meh.  Maybe I’m cold, maybe I’m cranky, but I’m damn tired of making what keeps on ending up as shitty decisions.

For the record, the Bear has no problem making decisions.  This is me, all me…totally me.  I love RVing. I love living on the road. I seriously underestimated how hard it would be to make this many decisions so often for someone who has a hard time making decisions. I envy y’all like Bear who can just make a decision and stick with it.

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  1. Teresa says:

    This is absolutely a necessary rant. It would be funny if I wasn’t feeling your pain and fearing that one day it’d be my own.
    The ONE camping trip we’ve done so far was full of frustration (for different reasons than yours). Neither it nor your post here is enough to deter me, but I (and everyone else living under the delusion of having a perfectly-Instagrammable RV life) need this dose of reality.
    Thanks for being willing to show up to the party wearing your cranky pants <3

    • Pookie says:

      Thanks Teresa, I’m always nervous writing about the downsides. Tlso much we read about RV life is about being grateful and intentional and life is so amazing… sometimes it’s cold, unlevel and tight! Sorry to hear your first trip was frustrating. The good really does outweigh the bad, but I’d be a liar if I said it was perfect.

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