Arrivederci, my sweet kicks.

We danced, we frolicked, we hiked gorges and swamps. We ran obstacle course races and explored natural springs together. We were a girl and her favorite shoes.

The time has finally come for me to say Arrivederci to my favorite pair of Vibram FiveFinger Sprints. You have served me well over the last few years from working to yoga and everything in between. The sole finally separated while we were exploring the beauty of Salt Springs.
I first heard about Vibram FiveFingers from….wait for it…. CrossFit! Seeing as that I have always loved toe socks, it seemed like the perfect fit. I ran out and bought 2 pairs! They are long lasting, durable and versatile. I can wear them to work, the grocery store or hiking on rough terrain.
Vibram FiveFingers are a minimalist shoe. They have flexible soles that allow your feet to be, well, FEET!  They were invented in 1999 by a guy named Robert Fliri. He wanted to “figure out a way to move around in nature better” and you definitely move better. I feel SO much more nimble and control in them. While hiking Dunns River Falls in Jamaica, people were slipping and sliding all over having to hold each other’s hands and I was climbing right up the rocks with a steady grip. Not once did I ever feel unsafe thanks to my FiveFingers.


Me and my fancy green KSO’s 

If you’re not used to having something between your toes, they will take getting used to but once you acclimate, you won’t want to go back to regular shoes. Even the Bear has 2 pairs! They are excellent shoes for running and CrossFit! They give you a level of control that you just don’t get with smooshy sneakers.
I am sad to say goodbye to my sweet black Vibram FiveFinger Sprints. Unfortunately, they are no longer making the Sprint model so I’m not sure what I will replace them with. They were my fancy Vibrams. The ones that I could wear on the trail or with a little black dress.
Arrivederci, my sweet kicks.

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