Get your Unlimited LTE Data Hotspot while it lasts

FINAL UPDATE:  It was fun while it lasted, eh OmniLynx? Verizon laid the smackdown and cut off OmnixLynx from the service. Sucks, but we all knew it was too good to be true…at least for the long term! Ours finally cut off on December 1st….which was perfect since we were camping that weekend and we were able to use it one last time!
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UPDATE  (9/24/15): OmniLynx is currently not accepting new subscribers. They are working with multiple carriers to extend their service to more customers, but at this time it is only available for those who have already purchased the service.

Last week Technomadia posted about OmniLynx Wireless and we decided to try it out.
OmniLynx provides the students of the city schools in Huntsville, AL with affordable wireless internet through their program. They just opened this deal to the public and even though we aren’t ready to go full-time yet, we still jumped on it.
For $47.95 per month you get a 4G LTE Unlimited Data plan no contract. They will send you a free to use 66320 MIFI hotspot. If you continue to use the service for 13 months, you get to keep the device. If you don’t stay on for 13 months, you just send it back! Easy peasy!
Technomadia rocks and they did the research on it and deemed it legit. They did find in their research that it is subject to throttling, but the representative they spoke with said they haven’t had to do that.
For the low price and no contract, it was worth it for us to trust Technomadia and take the risk. We can use it for our DJ gigs, working outside of the home and I can use it for my Instantly Ageless parties and trade shows.
Now that’s we’ve given you the dirt, we ask ONE HUGE FAVOR….please use our customer number when you sign up. When we refer 7 customers we get a free month of service. All you have to do is put in our customer number when you sign up. Our customer number is 1907. is where you can get yours. 
Please visit Technomadia’s website and read their full article and show them some big crazy love. Like them, love them, subscribe to them and make sure you tell them how awesome they are. We are huge HUGE GIGANTIC fans of them and we hope one day when we are out on the road we will get to meet them!
We received our Jetpack in just 6 days! Not bad for ordering on a Friday of a Holiday weekend! We put it up against our Xfinity cable and it wasn’t half bad for only having 2 bars! We have absolutely TERRIBLE reception in our neighborhood. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T….they are all just a bi deadzone for us. I can’t wait to get it out on the road with a booster and see what this jetpack can do!
Update 2 – 9/13/15
We tested it out in our home which has terrible reception for all carriers. We had 2 bars and we are not using a booster. We had absolutely no issues watching Netflix! In case you are wondering, one episode of Family Guy uses .5 GB of data! I tested it with both our Roku TV and our Fire Stick and it worked perfectly!

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