Towing our VW Bus

We could never leave our 1977 VW Bus behind so we are taking our Twinkie on the road with us!!

It isn’t easy to set up a tow car when nothing is standard to what is out there available for purchase. We had to set up our own tow lights and purchase a custom tow bar.

We purchased our bar from JeremyRockJock on the Samba. He builds them as the order comes in and has many happy customers. We had heard of him before, but when we inquired locally we were also pointed in his direction. If you are interested in learning more about our tow bar, here is his info:Collapsible Tow Bar on the Samba
We were nervous about towing our Twinkie, but we knew we had to bite the bullet and do it. She’s coming with us! We hooked it up, set up the lights, made chains that would fit and took her for a stroll around the neighborhood.
We did have an issue with the light plug on the back of the RV breaking, so we tested it without lights hooked up but we did purchase a new plug kit, replaced it and now everything is working as it should!
We plan on taking her for her first real trip in a few weeks!

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