Thousand Trails Three Flags RV Campground

Three Flags is the third park we’ve stayed in the thousand trails system. Florida has 3 parks that are included in the southeast zone. This one feels the oldest and most rundown despite obvious work and improvements. They are renovating the park in certain areas and attempts are being made to clean the place up. It is also the smallest of the 3 Florida parks. We heard lots of complaints on the internet that it’s a dump and poorly run. I have to say you should take these people’s comments with a grain of salt. We have friends who complain about how terrible a restaurant is and when we go there we love it. While the park is older and smaller than we’ve seen and definitely needs some upgrades. We found it to be an acceptable place to stay and did enjoy being here. In short I would not hesitate to book another stay.

Campground: Thousand Trails Three Flags RV campground
Contact Information:  1755 East State Road 44 Wildwood Fl, 34785
Phone: (352) 748-3870
Dates: 3/19/17-4/1/17
Site#: 139
Hookups: FHU sites
Rate:  Included in Thousand Trails Membership
Cell Signal: Sprint 4G LTE 3-5 bars; Verizon 5 bars (unboosted)
Top Attraction:  Santos Mountain Bike Trail, The “Big Daddy” Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing
Pet Friendly:  YES! Dogs Allowed.

Overall Campground Appearance / Cleanliness

  • The campground is older and could use a face lift. Some of the sites are quite small and this is the closest we have been to our neighbors at a campground. However the park is clean and staff can be seen throughout the park working and maintaining it. We were able to use all the amenities we are accustomed to while we were here.


  • The weather has been mostly cool and dry. We had a couple of showers a day or two but only enough to get everything wet and piss me off. It had been nice all day. I went outside to start working on installing our new slide awning and it decided to rain. But only for 30 min to get all my tools and new parts wet and then it quit. Classic Florida. We are in the middle of our last week here and it’s really starting to heat up. We only ran the AC one day last week (if at all it was so nice) and it looks like were going to be hot until we get a bit further north next week.

Connectivity Sprint / Verizon / Television

  • The Sprint signal is OK here not great. I usually had 3 to 4 bars but my Up/Dn speeds were slow most of the time. Verizon is screaming here however. We were getting better up and down speeds than we had back in PSL in our rental house.
  • The TV here however sucks. All the signals for the rooftop antenna were weak and spotty. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.

Activities / Amenities

  • The park has a nice heated pool that was just redone last year. It was very nice but is right at the front of the park near the highway. The tractor trailers going by are quite loud.

  • There are pickle ball and shuffleboard courts on the property. We also found what appears to be a make shift driving range. It’s only 150 yards long but it’s there at the back of the park by the dog run and I never saw anyone using it. And there is a putt putt course that needs some repairs but it can be played. They also have horse shoes and basketball.

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  • The club house has a nice big screen TV and couches. There is a billiard room with a couple of pool tables and the bath house is here. I did use the showers once. The water pressure was good and the showers clean.

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  • They have laundry facilities on site. I never found them to be so busy that I could do laundry when I chose but there were always people there. The washers and dryers were older but clean and in working order. It’s 2 dollars to wash and 2 dollars to dry. In my opinion a bit on the expensive side given the age of the machines and wash house.

  • They were in the middle of replacing all the old picnic tables with brand new ones throughout the park. They also have what looks like a hundred fire pits stacked in the maintenance area. Currently there are no fires allowed accept at the community fire pit near the clubhouse. We asked the maintenance workers about them and they said they are trying to get a variance for them but didn’t know if the county was going to grant it or not.

Proximity to local services

  • Wildwood itself is kind of rural and small and really doesn’t have much to offer here where we are. However we are very close to The Villages. The Villages is an expensive retirement location. Ocala is very close as well. All of the stores and restaurants you would expect in an average size town are within a few miles.

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  • There are several RV supply, parts and sales locations close by.
  • Disney and Universal Studios are only about an hour away.
  • The “Big Daddy” Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing is 20 Minutes away.
  • The Santos Mountain Bike Trail offers some of the best single track riding in Florida. Bike rentals are available near the trail.

Water, Electric and Sewer

  • The water, electric and sewer connections were adequate at our site

Availability Of Craft Beer / Wine

  • Publix is near by and had their regular offerings available.

Best Campsites

  • In my opinion the sites that back up to the cow pasture are the best. They aren’t super tight and most have plenty of shade. We preferred the back half of the park as it was much quieter save for the cows and donkeys making noise in the morning. There is a small cul-de-sac at the very back of the park which had some of the best sites but it looked as if some of them are permanent residents. This seems to be a theme with Thousand Trails. In every park we’ve stayed a lot of the best sites are taken by annual residents.

Campground Atmosphere

  • This was the biggest change in atmosphere we’ve seen. While the staff were very polite and welcoming the people here seemed to keep to themselves and did not go out of the way to say hello. They did have some activities going on but even with the park packed to the gills it didn’t seem to have that fun party atmosphere the other parks had.

Adventure Dog Highlights

  • The dog area here is nice and large and well shaded and sits at the very rear of the park. There are no poop bags or collection sites for poop bags anywhere in the park other than the dog park.

Garbage Collection

  • They do have more than one dumpster here.

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