Thousand Trails Peace River

I plan to do a post on each campground we stay at. A review of sorts but not so stiff. I really want to put down my thoughts and impressions about each place we stay so others may benefit from our experience but also as a record for us so we know if we would want to come back to this location in the future.I expect these will evolve over time as we discover what we like, dislike and come to appreciate in a park.
Campground: Thousand Trails Peace River
Contact Information:  2555 River Rd, Wauchula, FL 33873
Dates: 2/19/17 – 3/5/17
Site#: A34
Hookups: W/E sites & FHU sites
Rate:  Included in Thousand Trails Membership
Cell Signal: Sprint 4G 1-2 bars; Verizon 4 bars (unboosted)
Top Attraction:  Fossil Hunting in the river
Pet Friendly:  YES! Pitbull approved! They have a dog run and poop drop stations throughout the grounds.

For those that don’t know we are members of a campground club that has parks all over the US and Canada. We pay our yearly membership dues and we get to stay in all of their parks for one flat fee. We did a post some where about Thousand Trails and there is a ton of information on the internet about it. This is our first stay at a one of their parks. All the opinions and thoughts expressed are my own based solely on my own experiences. We have not been compensated in any way for our reviews of the places we stay.

For now until we get a format or a better idea of how these reviews should look I’m just going to bullet point the areas that need to be addressed

Overall Campground Appearance / Cleanliness

  • Overall the park is clean and appears to be well maintained from a land scaping point view. The grass is cut and is growing where it should be. Our site was clean and green when we arrived. The Clubhouse, pool, laundry room and bath house were clean and in working order for our stay. The staff here have been friendly and helpful.


  • Our stay this time was Feb 19th to Mar 5th 2016. During that time the weather was gorgeous. 70’s and mid 80’s in the day. 50’s to 70’s at night and it rained 1 day all day and the occasional shower in the morning. Otherwise it was perfect here for 2 weeks.


  • We currently use Verizon for internet and Sprint for our cellular service. Both have a strong and usable signal throughout the park. However during peak times we saw major slowdowns of the download speeds. We have a friend in the park that uses AT&T and he stated he we able to use it with no issues save for the peak times slow downs. Our Wilson WeBoost was basically useless here. we kept getting a “signal too strong” error so we just shut it off and used and unboosted signal most of the time. We were able to stream Netflix and YouTube without an issue. We were also able to get the local HD channels with our rooftop antenna.


  • Within the park there are multiple activities to keep you busy. Most notable here at peace river is fossil hunting. I’m not sure of the history or why the river is filled with fossils but it is. We sifted through the gravel and sand in the river for about an hour on 2 separate days and found nearly 100 fossilized shark teeth, fossilized bones and petrified wood. If you choose to hunt your own wear some water shoes. I found the sandstone bottom of the river to be hard on your feet and I also found lots of glass in the sediment we were sifting through.
  • The park has a heated pool we found to be very nice. I fell asleep in the pool waiting for my laundry even with screaming kids in the water with me. There is a hot tub as well.20170301_173736
  • Parked right next to the pool is the laundry room. On the day we did laundry it was nice to sit by the pool and have a drink. The laundry was in working order and takes coins or a credit card It was 1.75 per load.20170301_173502
  • The bath house we used was clean never busy and had plenty of privacy and hot water
  • The game room has free wi-fi and billiard tables with several comfy couches, tables and chairs.
  • There are also multi-use trails behind the park. We found them to be a relaxing getaway. While just a few yards away, the trees make it feels as if your walking in the woods along the river. We found some spots people were using for fishing and I did see some carp and catfish in the river.20170225_113248
  • They have a Bocce Ball Court, Shuffle Board and Tennis and Pickle Ball Courts
  • There is a “Dog Park” but it’s just a fenced area next to the maintenance buildings. I wouldn’t consider it a park. It was very small and uninviting. We opted to skip it.
  • There is a 9 hole Putt Putt course onsite too.20170227_124232.jpg
  • They had numerous activities throughout the week to get involved in posted on the chalk board at the office.

Proximity to local services

  • We found several restaurants in the immediate area. Smokin’ Joe’s Barbecue was delicious. The ribs fell right of the bone and the sauces were tasty. While the service and restrooms left a lot to be desired the food was excellent.20170228_183616.jpg
  • Winn-Dixie is just up the road a couple of miles and they also have a liquor store on site with excellent prices
  • Wal-Mart is also about 10 min away
  • We did spot several laundry mats within a couple of miles if you prefer to do laundry off site.
  • The nearest RV parts supply store, Camping World is in Bartow about 35 miles away.
  • Pioneer Park is across the street and hosted the pioneer days festival while we were here.

Water, Electric and Sewer

  • The electric was adequate for us but we heard some sites were damaged due to flooding. Mostly down by the river. Be sure to check the power before committing to a site.
  • Water Pressure was terribly low. like ridiculous at some points. Although the bath house pressure was better it was quite low by my standards.
  • We didn’t have a sewer connection at our site. They have a limited number of full hook up sites here. When you arrive you select which non sewer site you want and then put your name in the lottery. Each day they draw names to get your choice of the available sewer sites. We went around the first day and looked at the available sewer sites and decided we didn’t like any of them as much as the site we had. We opted to stay on a non sewer site because it’s just the two of us and we were in the shade facing the right direction. It seemed that it was very easy to get a FHU site if you’re not too picky about the spot. A good number of the FHU sites were very unlevel. The level ones had no shade either. Not all of them but none the we liked. So we opted to stay here. They have a honey wagon during the busy season and will pump out your tanks once a week for free and 15 dollars per pump out after that. We can go a week to 10 days before we need a pump out so we were not interested in moving camp just to have a sewer connection.

Availability Of Craft Beer

  • I have to say this is a big one for us. We enjoy great local beers and that was part of the reason we wanted to take this trip. I have to say the people in this area are missing out. We found ZERO, ZILTCH, ZIP, NADA! not one good beer. Not even the regular Florida stuff we’re used to seeing. They did however have an ample supply of the standard crap. Bud, Bud light, Natty Ice and the like. So if you’re coming bring a supply to last through your stay. We ended up drinking Yuengling for 2 weeks.

Best Campsites

  • In my opinion the best sites are on the even sides of the non sewer sites. The sewer sites were unlevel and lacked shade. We liked alligator and catfish roads on the even side the best. The most accessible and what looked like the newest sites are out front. They back up to the highway and the road noise is relentless up there. They do face east though and have what looks like new connections and are level for the most part. Make sure to arrive in the day time. Poorly marked sites and sites with damaged power pedestals make it difficult to find a good spot after dark.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0012.JPG

Campground Atmosphere

  • I never would have thought this would need to be in a review but here goes. When we arrived we were almost freaked out by how nice and friendly everyone is here. Immediately on arrival people were offering to help us get settled in. When you walk or drive through the park everyone says hello or waves from their porch. Often when we go for walks we’ll get stopped and talk with other campers for long periods. It really is so nice to know the people around you. We felt so at home and welcome that we rarely even locked our doors. I did lock up before bed but all day our doors were open even when we weren’t in the coach. I asked others if it was this nice at the other Thousand trails parks because this is our first and they all said no. So we will see if that experience continues or it’s just this location. Either way it’s very welcoming here and we definitely like it. It might just be the reason we make a point to return.

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    Great review! I think that you hit all of the points that would matter to both FT RVers and weekend/vaca RVers and campers! I love the inclusion of local ways and brews and the atmosphere. All of that is important stuff to know when planning. I would go so far as to include an Adventure Pig mini review. Points of sniff interest, exploration, pet friendliness and the occasional pet-important story! Keep this up…It’s a great read!

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