The Gouda Wife: Cheesy advice for the modern wife.

We’re going to do something different today so grab a bowl of Mac N Cheese and pull up a chair. Oh…and probably a glass of wine. We’re going to talk about marriage.
Picket fence? No thanks.
I’m not that kind of wife.
Belle said it best, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” but who says we can’t have our Beast and adventure too?

We created The Adventures of Pookie and The Bear when we decided to take off on our epic road life, but the real adventure began 16 years ago in a nightclub.
When I was introduced to Bear I couldn’t even remember my name. It was that kind of dumbstruck love. Yeah, that’s right… It exists.
Saying that implies that it’s been easy. It hasn’t. In fact, it’s been a lot of work. Not because we don’t love each other or we are terrible partners, it’s because MARRIAGE IS WORK. Beary and I are like peas and carrots but marriage requires continuous improvement. All we need is love? Bullshit. You need love AND effort.

This continuous learning process means that I’ve messed up a lot and I’ve learned from my mistakes… And continue to make mistakes. We both do. This also means that with 14 years bound by vows, I tend to give out unsolicited advice about marriage.
In chatting with a few lady friends the other day, I was giving the aforementioned unsolicited advice about how to manage a marriage and one sweet gal said I should write a book.  I’m not writer, I have ADHD and there’s no way I could stay on track enough to write a book. Chapter 1 would be about marriage, chapter 2 about puppies and chapter 3 about how to convince your husband to get you a puppy. FYI, I always put puppies on the grocery list and so far that hasn’t worked out.
So… Where were we? Oh right, continuous learning. Learning how to be a good wife. Good is lame. Cheese…Cheese is great. I say we all become Gouda Wives! Cheesy, right? You laughed. Laughter is the key to a happy marriage. If you aren’t smiling your either frowning or you have resting bitch face. The later two faces aren’t very pleasant so let’s try to avoid those at all costs. OK? Bear makes me laugh daily. Even when I am furiously pissed off, he finds some way to make me laugh and then I can’t be mad anymore. I can only come to the conclusion that laughing is the fastest cure to being pissed off. Nine times out of ten, the laughing is caused by some lame cheesy joke. Simple.
Seriously, I’ve been laughing from day 1.
I have a task for you: Laugh. Again, simple. You know, smile…goof off… tell a joke… be weird. Make your partner laugh and you’ll laugh. It’s a vicious cycle, I promise.
See. I told you I have ADHD.
“What’s the point of this? “, you’re probably asking yourself as you sit there confused wondering if you clicked on an RV Blog or a marriage advice blog. The point is that we are more than two cheesy lovebirds squeezed into a 38ft RV. We want to share it all. Tech reviews and advice on how to not stab your wife when she eats the last piece of strawberry upside down cake.
That thing about the cake…that was a real thing. He didn’t speak to me for a week.
Until next time.
– Pookie,  The Gouda Wife
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2 thoughts on “The Gouda Wife: Cheesy advice for the modern wife.

  1. Deanna Hunt says:

    You’re the cutest, this is so great! People say to me, “you should be a realtionship coach” “you should write a blog/YouTube” “you should be a medical intuitive”…..those are all things I could do if I wanted, but all I want to do is learn about myself, my husband, and experience life in an RV. And holy shit this small space has left NO room for anyone to hide and we have not communicated more ever. What a beautiful journey of connection. I can’t wait to meet and experience you and everything you have to say, yes everything! PS do you know what you should do? Do whatever you want to do!!

    • Pookie says:

      It’s funny because it was so hard for me to write! I struggle with being so personal! Being in a small space you gotta get that crap out! No space for grudges!

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