The Future of Our Mobile DJ Business

We have been rocking the Treasure Coast as T-Rex Entertainment for many years. We absolutely love what we do! From back yard BBQs to extravagant weddings, we have done it all!

Going on the road has presented us a unique opportunity. What will we do with our business?

We’re bringing it on the road with us!!!

T-Rex Entertainment is now going to be a REALLY mobile entertainment service!

We are downsizing our equipment to focus on only the best of the best that takes up minimal space and we are ready to rock the house wherever we may roam.

One of our first weddings

It has been such a wild ride these last few years and we are really excited to be able to provide entertainment as we travel. We have already spoken with quite a few campground owners about bartering our services for spaces (and/or cash) and it has been really well received. We started DJ’ing in RV Parks 2 years ago and we absolutely LOVE it. Y’all know how to PAR-TAY! RVers dance from the minute we turn on the music and beg us to keep going! (Yes, we do overtime!) We can’t wait to travel with the season and hit up more amazing RV parks!

One our favorite RV Resorts in Okeechobee

If you or someone you know is looking for a mobile DJ, we are hitting the road in 2017 and we are ready to bring the party!  Call us, email us, text us or flag us down as we drive by!!!

Stay tuned as we will cover the gear in our rig in the future!

Questions, comments? Speak up!


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