The First Two Weeks Of Full Time RV Life. 

I sit here in my tiny house on the highway. It’s 11pm and we’re getting ready for bed. We checked the weather and it looks like we’ll have a little wind tonight so I stowed our awning. The bikes caught a little rain this morning so I decided to put them in the Volkswagen tonight. We’re headed out this Sunday and moving a little further north to Clermont. I figured I might as well get some of my pre trip check list done a little early. Traveling day so far has been the most stressful on us. There is so much to be done and so many things to check. Imagine every 2 weeks or so you pack up your entire house and everything you own and drive your house down the highway at 60mph. Maybe it’s just me but it makes me anxious and a little nervous. Obviously this type of travel has its advantages or we wouldn’t be here. But let me tell you travel day will kick your ass if you’re not paying attention.
Our plan has been to stay at least 2 weeks at each stop if we can. It cuts down on our expenses and liability to move less often. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses in our budget to get to Maine. The longer we can spread that expense out the less it hurts. Our camping membership allows us to stay up to 3 weeks at certain locations and times of year. Pookie is working Monday through Friday. Her days off are the weekends. If we travel every weekend she doesn’t get any time to really enjoy the area we are in. It also gives us a chance to enjoy each stop and relax together.
So we’ve been here 2 weeks now. Maybe it’s because it’s still new and exciting but we’ve had a great time. If you have been reading my blog and following on social media we have had some great adventures while we’re here. One of the things I haven’t discussed is the social aspect of life on the road. We’ve been told it can get lonely at times for some people. Purely by coincidence some people we have been following on the Internet for quite a while happened to be staying here at the park. After getting settled in we made plans to get together and get to know each other. It’s funny because we were following them and they were following our journey so it’s as if we’ve been friends a long time. In reality we only truly met a few weeks ago. I’m sure our paths will head in different directions at some point because we all have plans and places to go and see but it’s nice making friends out here. We get to travel together and hang out for at least a couple more weeks. Then it’s back to watching each other on YouTube and Facebook. Until we converge again somewhere. I’ll put links to our new friends social media sites at the bottom of the page. Definitely check them out and subscribe if their journey interests you.
Dozer is adjusting well to the new lifestyle. We had a fenced yard at our rental house. We could let him out to use the bathroom at any time of day or night. Now he has to be walked regularly. It’s not a problem for him because he loves walks almost as much as car rides. I think this aspect of the change has made the transition easier. We have him on a schedule now for the most part and he seems happy and calm. We’ve encountered many dogs on our walks and our friends have dogs as well. Dozer has been so well behaved I’m not sure he’s the same dog. He argues with me about kenneling him when we have to but he’s begun sleeping in his kennel during the day. Something he always did in the house but never the RV till now. It makes me feel like he knows this is the house now. Maybe? Maybe not. But he’s definitely happy. His foot is healing well and it looks so much better. I took his stitches out myself with very little resistance on his part. We were a little concerned but it’s healed up nicely. He didn’t really act as if he noticed it save for some licking but he’s always been a foot licker.
We’ve planned some excursions with our new found friends and I’ll do some videoing and get some updates up on YouTube. We have been socializing a lot but not a whole lot of video worthy action. While sitting by the fire and conversing is great it makes for bad video in my opinion. Mostly we have just been getting settled in to our new lifestyle. Walks, bike rides and afternoon swims during the day and adult beverages by the campfire with friends at night. Not a bad way to spend the day.
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