Taco Dive – Fort Pierce, FL

Who doesn’t love tacos?
If you don’t love tacos, just stop reading now and hit unsubscribe. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.
Tacos are my jam. I’m a taco whore. I love tacos. I had tacos twice this week.

Taco Love…Photo from Taco Dive’s Facebook because ate mine too fast!

This evening we decided to join our friends Shelly, Paul, Maureen, Gary, Karen and Sue at Taco Dive in downtown Fort Pierce. I tried to go there once before for lunch but it was stupid busy and I didn’t feel like waiting. Saying this place is popular is an understatement.
The Gang at Taco Dive - Fort Pierce

The Gang at Taco Dive – Fort Pierce

Taco Dive is located in the heart of downtown Fort Pierce at 208 N 2nd St. They are closed on Sundays. Some nights you can even catch live music.  The restaurant is small, but has a very homey vibe with a small bar, a few tables and really cool pallets mounted on the wall.

Cool photo of the pallet wall from Taco Dive’s Facebook Page

We got there at 5:30pm, prior to the dinner rush. We got a great table, even though the place is pretty small. They immediately took our drink orders and treated us to some kickass chips and salsa.
Delicious Chips and Salsa at Taco Dive - Fort Pierce

Delicious Chips and Salsa at Taco Dive – Fort Pierce

Looks good, right?  Well, that’s all you’re gonna get because I’m new to food blogging and I ravaged my tacos before I could take a photo.
We started out with the tater tots. WOW. Perfectly cooked deep fried tots covered with shredded cheese, smothered in queso and topped with spicy jalapenos. Heaven.
Bear went for a combo of a shrimp taco and a swordfish taco and I chose a combo of steak taco and a shrimp taco. The steak taco had cabbage and radishes which I thought was weird, but delightful. It gave it very crisp, light taste. They were all topped with cilantro dive sauce which is fantastic! One thing I want to say about these tacos are that they are light. The tacos aren’t heavy and greasy, they are light and hit just the right spot. We had heard great things about Taco Dive and now we can back them up. We were seriously impressed. Bear put it as…”fuggin’ good.”
They also had a decent selection of craft beer. Bear had a coffee stout and he doesn’t remember which brewery it came from. I went with a Sailfish belgium and Cigar City Florida Cracker.
Overall, we were very pleased with Taco Dive. The food was excellent, service was prompt and the atmosphere was comfortable despite the tiny size. As the restaurant filled up with people, it did get a bit stuffy…but as we mentioned before, we live in the devil’s butthole. It’s hot here. There’s no getting around that.
If you are in the area and you’re craving tacos, we definitely recommend Taco Dive and afterwards take a nice stroll downtown! There is plenty of history and local beauty to soak up!


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