A recovering slob walks into a tiny house…

I can vividly recall climbing over the 5 foot tall mountain of laundry to get to the garage. Instead of doing laundry, I would buy more clothes. When we downsized to move into the RV, I stopped counting after 20 full trash bags of clothing to be donated.

I am a slob.
No, I am a recovering slob.

I relapse. Sometimes the dishes still sit in the sink for 2 solid days. I will order a pizza instead of washing the dishes. A solitary sock laid in the middle of the 6 feet of living room for 24 hours. I’ll move the pile of jackets from one chair to the other. That’s ok, if that’s ALL I’m dealing with…24-48 hours of a little mess, I’m down with that.
I have been a slob my entire life. I’m not ashamed, it is what it is. When we lived in a house, I hired people to come clean the house. They scratch my back, I scratch theirs. I needed someone to dust my hoard of crap and they needed cash. Win, win. Tasha and Mari Jo were a blessing. They brought some semblance of cleanliness to my pigsty of a life.
If you’re a slob, the internet is going to make you feel like shit. It’s filled with all this pinterest perfect bullshit with terrifying white cabinets looming over your piles of crap. I had white cabinets once, what a nightmare! They show EVERYTHING. I’m not about that. No thanks! Lesson learned! Hide the dirt and focus on what’s more important like watching Netflix and drinking craft beer. I’m a member of a number of Facebook groups from Minimalist to RV Interiors and they all look amazing. Suck it up buttercup, because that’s not going to happen. Or…is it?
You see, living in a tiny little home rolling down the highway has greatly affected my slob level. My kitchen is literally my living room. If I’m sitting on the couch, I don’t want to stare at dirty dishes. I have no space for crap to pile up on counters because I have zero counter space! I have a kind-of-sort-of junk drawer, but everything in it has a purpose and we use it regularly. Laundry? Ain’t nobody got room for a pile of dirty drawers! Plus, have you seen the size of campground washing machines? They’re made for elves and there’s usually only 4 or 6 machines and you don’t want to be the douchebag that uses ALL the machines at once. You can’t let it get out of control. Plus, you don’t even OWN enough clothes to let it get out of control. I have enough underwear to make it through 2 weeks. In 6 months we’ve learned that 2 weeks equals 2 loads of laundry…which equals roughly $9 in quarters.
Living small is a blessing for piggies. We simply don’t have the room to let things pile up. We don’t even have enough things to pile up. Now, don’t get me wrong…we’ve seen some straight up RV Hoarder nightmares in some of the parks we’ve been in. The OUTSIDE of their rigs had more crap than they could possibly fit inside (Hello Yemmassee, SC…I’m looking at you!) ┬áso you KNOW the inside must be an absolute nightmare!!!! ┬áThat’s not us though, we are recovering from almost-kind-of-sort-of-pretty-close-to hoarders.
Seriously, who needs to collect Taco Bell hot sauce packets with catchy phrases….
Don’t judge me.
How did we get here? We got rid of our crap. We sold it, we donated it and we trashed it. I’m still not super clean…there’s hair in the bathroom sink…but there isn’t dirty underwear on the floor. I call that a fair trade. Not having things is a huge player in the slob game. If everything has a place and there is no room for it to be left out to make a mess there is less wiggle room to be a piggy. We don’t have knick knacks to collect dust and we don’t get mail. Clutter is damn near suffocating when you live in a tiny house.
Another important point is that cleaning is easy in a small space. I hate cleaning. I’m a ‘squirrel’ kind of gal so I’m easily distracted. If I’m cleaning a room and something triggers my brain to start going, I’m off on a wild goose chase of distractions. It takes me no more than 30 minutes now to clean my entire house from top to bottom, including scrubbing the toilet. When we had a big house, it took me more than an hour just to scrub ONE bathroom and we had two of them!
If you are a slob or borderline hoarder who is thinking of downsizing, have hope! You can do this! It’s going to be easier! Life is so much better when you’re not surrounded by shit you don’t need. Clutter is going to be a thing of the past. Laundry? Not so daunting since you don’t have nearly as many clothes!
Easy peasy, baby.

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    • Pookie says:

      The struggle is REAL! Not only was I a slobby little piggy, I was a shop-a-holic. I called it “retail therapy”. On sale? Hell yeah! I NEED that because I SAVED. Yeah….right. I was a sworn loyal victim of TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I was always bringing things in. Clothes was the worst. It was so bad that I would buy new clothes and I wouldn’t wear them for a few weeks so that when Bear said “Is that new?” I could say “No, I’ve had this a while” and it wouldn’t be a lie. There’s this store up in Maine called Mardens…it’s a hoarder HEAVEN. It’s the clearance items from ALL stores. You can buy EVERYTHING there. I’ve been super proud of myself that we’ve only gone there when we need something and even if we don’t find it we don’t walk out with crap we don’t need. Ok, most times. Today I walked out with a $4 garden flag with the Frozen characters that says “Celebrate Summer”. I’ve been wanting a garden flag for a long time though but didn’t want to shell out the cash. See…recovering….not cured.

  1. aelkins1 says:

    We still struggle with clutter – there’s less of it than when we had a S&B, but it seems like more because it’s crammed into fewer square feet. I’m hoping that once we finish with some of the projects we will do better… Aw, who’m I kidding?

  2. Rachel Gillen says:

    I love this post! I am a messy person… I get it from my mama, what can I say?! Allen is borderline OCD when it comes to everything being put away and decluttered, so I think we balance each other out. My “task” this week is to clean up the closet, which piles up with clean clothes when we sit somewhere for about a month and I don’t have time to put them away. (My clothes-he puts his away). I’ve made it so far as to pull everything out and fold it on the bed in nice little stacks then I got distracted! I’m gonna go finish that now, so THANK YOU!

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