Six Months of RV Living

Today was no different than any other day. I woke up, made coffee, watched some videos about Data Warehousing and did laundry. Well, today was a little different…it was our six month Nomadiversary.
Six months ago today, we packed up what little we owned and we hit the road ready for adventure. We had no idea what we were in for, but we were ready.

That hot February morning we struggled to get going. Nothing was going as planned, we were overweight and we lost our water heater bay door a mile away from the house. We rolled in long after  the front office was closed, cracked open some 13 year old Champagne from our wedding night that tasted like crap and we laughed about our first crazy day.

Not much has changed since that day. We still don’t get up early enough, we roll in late and we laugh…a lot. We just have better beverage choices.

I have so much to say about the last six months, but I’m not sure I even have the words to explain it. In one of our videos, the day before we left, I was nervous that it wouldn’t live up to our expectations. I’m a bit of a pessimist, only because I like being pleasantly surprised when things go well. I tried to keep my expectations low, but I really wanted it to be amazing. I wanted freedom and adventure. I wanted to see new things. I’ve lived in the same little town my entire life. I never even explored much outside my town. I lived in a bubble. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was definitely nervous.
So, was it everything I expected? No.  It has been more. It’s been beautiful and crazy and perfect and so much more than I could have ever expected it to be. Not every day has been awesome, some have been kind of crappy but we have this freedom where if we end up somewhere that sucks, move on. When something breaks, you fix it. No big deal. The first thing you need to learn about RVing is that shit is going to happen. You need to get over it, laugh about it, fix it and move on.
We have seen some amazing and beautiful places. Maine has been UNBELIEVABLE.  It is absolutely gorgeous. When we left our house we started out staying 2 weeks at a time, then 1 week, then 3 days and then 3 weeks…we really bounced around in our stays. We have been in Maine for 2.5 months and have another 2 months to go. While we’ve been loving Maine, we’re ready to move on. We have found that 3-4 weeks is a good length of time for us. Of course, that’s completely dependent on the location. In Yemassee, SC we were ready to leave within 20 minutes. That place sucked. Maine is perfect though. We love it here. It’s amazing. We’re definitely New England people. We love everything here. Be sure to follow our Instagram account where we share all our Maine pictures!

One of the things that I didn’t expect to be such a huge impact was the social aspect of RVing. Our very first week on the road, we met some folks that I expect to be life long friends. We have met amazing people from all walks of life and it has changed me. The world is filled with wonderful, funny, amazing people. Everywhere we go, we make friends. Each and every one of them has left a mark on our lives and we will never forget them!

Most importantly, the last six months we have been able to spend every day with our best friend. A few days before we left, he was diagnosed with cancer. We knew his time was coming, being an old man of the ripe age of 13, but the diagnosis hit us really hard. One of the main reasons we decided to move into an RV to begin with was so we could adventure with our buddy before it was time for him to go. These six months have been amazing with him. We have played in ponds and conquered mountain tops. We have met lots of other pups and sniffed every tree in our path. This has been a wonderful adventure with him and we cherish every extra minute we get.

So, what’s next? Keep on rolling!
We are here in Maine for another 2 months and then we will begin the trek south to spend the holidays with friends and family. We have absolutely ZERO desire to stop RVing at this point. The lifestyle suits us and we are loving it. Tiny space, big adventure. We love it.
PS. Sorry we’re so behind in blogs and videos. We’ve been busy adventuring. Maybe some day we’ll catch up, maybe not. Maybe we’ll just be a hot mess all over the place. Doesn’t matter though. We’re having fun! Hope to see you out here someday!

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