Shirtless in Chicago

Laundromats suck.  It’s a major downside of RVing Full-Time.
This morning I grabbed two clean shirts, stuffed them in a backpack and flew to Chicago for a business meeting.
I arrived at the hotel, unpacked and quickly realized that one of my shirts is RUINED. There is a giant discoloration along the neck, down the front and on the sleeve. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Two of the Bear’s work shirts have been ruined in the last month.
We were relatively unscathed in the destroyed clothing department for the first 5 months, but that still doesn’t make it OK. There’s way more to it than clothes being destroyed. Let’s talk about how disgusting public laundromats are, shall we?

I made the mistake of participating in a conversation in a Facebook Group about campground washing facilities. A woman was talking about how she cloth diapers her child. I innocently asked, “How do you prepare the diapers for washing?”  She replied, “I scrape off the solids.”
I threw up in my mouth a little.
Not to mention pet accidents, human accidents, who the hell else knows what else goes into that machine?!  GROSS! GROSS! GROSS!
We have a portable washer that my Dad gave us, but it literally washes 2 pairs of underwear and a pair of socks so we left it at his house. It’s looking a lot better now that we’ve experienced the horror of public laundry facilities.
We also looked at purchasing a washer/dryer combo made for RVs. Let’s do the math, eh?  Washer/Dryer combo: ~$1,000   Average cost of 1 load wash & dry at campground: $4.50  We do 2 loads, 2x a month for a whopping grand total of $18/mo.  It would take roughly 4.5 years for us to break even on purchasing a W/D combo and I seriously doubt we will have this rig that long. I know, I know…but the convenience! The cleanliness! Yeah, well…we want to do more boondocking which is also an issue for having a W/D in the rig. It’s just not sensible.
So for now, I will complain. If you don’t like it, tough cookies. I want to be real with y’all and I want you to know how horrible campground washing machines are. We do use a laundry sanitizer, but I’m still skeeved out. Laundromats are gross. People are gross. People put gross things in them. People put bleach in them and who else know what else that destroys your clothes.
Public laundry facilities suck.
So, how do you clean your man panties? Knuckle them? Washboard in a creek? Or do you brave the campground laundromat like we do?
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0 thoughts on “Shirtless in Chicago

  1. randombitsoftrialanderror says:

    I had to have a W/D (stackable). I honestly don’t care if they pay for themselves. It’s not because I’ve got money to throw away (I’m VERY thrifty), but simply for the reasons you state above. I. just. can’t. Complain away–I get it! Dawn

    • Pookie says:

      The machines are SO gross! I’m really trying to get past it because we really don’t have the room for a washer/dryer. It’s just so so so so gross. Not to mention now one of my favorite shirts is ruined.

  2. SANDIE BOCK says:

    I have two RVs, one is a fifthwheel and it has a separate washer and dryer and the other has a Spendide unit that is a combo unit. IT takes a LONG time to dry the clothes for some reason but they are outs and clean.

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