RV GPS Garmin 660LMT FAIL!

On Cyber Monday we purchased the Garmin RV 660LMT.  This is a new version of the 760LMT with upgraded features such as Elevation Profile to show steep grades, Easy Route Shaping and has Points of Interest loaded from Four Square. The 760LMT has good reviews, so when the 660LMT was on sale for Cyber Monday we jumped on it.
Unfortunately, our very first day testing it did not work out as planned. Check it out in our video…

That’s right, it routed me right under an 8 foot bridge while it was in RV mode. I set it up so that it wouldn’t take us under anything lower than 12’6″ and when it rerouted my trip it put me under a short bridge. This wasn’t a new bridge or a desolate area. This was the historic downtown area of Fort Pierce.


Doesn’t look like our 12 foot RV would have a very good time there, huh?

So…what do you have for a GPS? Have you had a GPS fail yet? It’s pretty disappointing to have it fail on the first day of testing. Did we make the right choice? Is there something better out there? Maybe this was a fluke? Thoughts?

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