Roam if you want to…

Where are we roaming? Do we have a plan? Have we mapped a route? Jenn wanted to know how we plan to travel and if we have any places we absolutely wanted to see!

Sailors write their plans in the sand at low tide. That’s pretty much how we are rolling at this point. We know we want to go Northeast. We know that we want to avoid snow. That’s all we’ve got. We’re going to make reservations in the Thousand Trails system, but we’ll probably shuffle them around.
This is the sort-of-kind-of idea of which way we are going…
Slick, right? I’m the bad mamma-jamma of map building. Check out those mad paint skills!
We originally planned on coming back to Port St. Lucie for winter 2018, but those plans have changed. We probably won’t be coming back here for the entire winter. We may come to FL, we may head Southwest. At this point, we’re tumbleweeds in the wind because we know even the best laid plans the universe will throw it’s head back and laugh at.

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