Polly's Pantry Royal Tea Room – Wildwood, FL

Polly’s Pantry Royal Tea Room

Address: 819 S Main St, Wildwood, FL 34785
Owner: Tricia & John Bennett
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 11am to 3pm   (Reservations are encouraged)
Cost: $10-20pp
What we had: 
Selection Platter – 2 types of Chicken Salad, spinach quiche & a cup of broccoli soup.   $12.95
Bacon Quiche w/ Side Salad $10.95
Coffee, water and raspberry tea 

What did we think?:
What an interesting little place!!!  This neat tea room is inspired by Tricia’s book Polly Brown: A Modern-Day Oliver With A Twist. It is a royal tea room decorated with trinkets, tea cups and a plethora of British history. We read about it on Yelp and it had great reviews so we figured we would give it a shot and it definitely paid off. We pulled in right at 11am being the first ones there. It’s a quaint little house with a very welcoming feel. It has both indoor and outdoor seating.

We were immediately greeted at the door by John. He escorted us to our window table and explained the menu and their tea selections.  As we waited for our meal there were so many interesting things to look at! It was a quiet atmosphere, but we did come early and we were soon not alone. I would recommend during season that you make reservations as seating is limited and it’s bound to be a popular spot with how delicious the food is!

Oh the food! Just delightful! The chicken salad is to die for and the the broccoli soup was amazing! The cream on top had the perfect texture and sweetness that really brought the soup to life! Did I mention the quiche? We both had quiche and we both absolutely loved it. The Bear had bacon and mushroom quiche and I had spinach. It was one of the best quiches I have ever had. Now, if you know Bear…he’s a bit of a quiche snob. He makes quiche on a regular basis for us so most times he is pretty critical.  One bite into his quiche and he exclaimed, “This quiche is better than mine!”  Wow…that’s saying something if he thinks it’s better than his. To be honest, I thought so too and I LOVE Bear’s quiche.   Even the drinks were fantastic. We are coffee snobs and the coffee was a great blend and perfect temperature. John also treated us to a glass of their famous slightly raspberry tea and I loved it! It was, as he said, just slightly sweet…the perfect amount of sweetness!
Everything about Polly’s Pantry was absolutely fantastic. We got to meet and speak with the owners, John & Tricia, and they were so very warm and welcoming. Tricia puts such great care into each dish and presentation and John is right there to make sure you have everything you could possibly need.  We really enjoyed our visit to Polly’s and we highly recommend that if you are in the area you stop by for lunch. You won’t be disappointed!

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