Introducing Oak Island

We have been living in an RV for 402 days. We have been property owners for 21 days.  We’ve been boondocking on our property for 15 of those days.
We’ve also been boondocking more in the last 2 months than we have the entire time we have been on the road.
What’s the nutshell? We moved into an RV, we putted around FL for 2 months and then we went to Maine for almost 6 months. We came back to FL for Christmas, decided to buy 7.36 acres in North FL and then we hauled off to Louisiana for Mardi Gras. We drank, we ate, we caught beads and reveled in all the glory that is New Orleans. We bounced around Alabama and North FL boondocking, harvest hosting and sleeping in brewery parking lots and national forests until we closed on our property. Now we’re here. Oak Island, our new winter homestead.

That’s my tree. I’ve got lots of those trees now.
You’re probably wondering if we grew roots like that tree and we’re coming off the road, right? We’re not. We’re gearing up to leave next week to head to Chicago for a business conference and then on to Glacier National Park to workcamp for the summer. Good old Montana.  We’ll be there June – September so hit us up if you’re in the area.
After Glacier, we’re headed back to Oak Island to continue building our winter homestead. It’s a beautiful piece of land in North Florida within minutes of 5 State Parks, a National Forest, killer Mountain Bike Trails, the Suwannee River, many Springs and a bad ass brewery!!!! (Shout out to Halpatter! We love your faces!)

One of the BEST things about this property is that we can also host other RVers in the Winter. We are right at the junction of I-10 and I-75 for a convenient stop off. We hate reservations and we know you do to. If you need somewhere to chill, shoot, drink beers and just be awesome…join us for a few days while you’re in the area!

Right now we’re just kind of winging it and have space for a few RVs, but when we come back in the winter we will build proper RV spots where everyone has their own space. We don’t intend right away to have hook ups, we’ve been enjoying boondocking entirely way too much so you’ll have to bring your own water and supply your own power!
So that’s all I’ve really got, I just wanted to throw up a quick update because we’re wafflers and that’s the best part of this lifestyle…WE DO WHAT WE WANT! There is no right way to be a full-time RVer. Move, don’t move, buy land, live in fancy rule filled RV parks….DO YOU. We wanted to buy a camp, we bought a camp. Now no one with a clipboard and golf cart can tell me I can’t hang my hammock. So take that! HA!
This is my land. My trees and I will do whatever I damn well please.


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