New Roof – Fantastic Vs. MaxxAir Vent Fans

We’re wafflers. We research. We hem. We haw.  We needed new fans, but which ones do we buy?

We decided to go with MaxxAir.

After confirming with Scott last night that he will be here before the end of the month, we went ahead and clicked the Submit button on 3 MaxxAir 4000K fans, 3 MaxxAir II Vents and a couple tubes of Dicor.
We read a ton of forums, blogs and watched some videos comparing the two brands. From what we were able to gather, the MaxxAir fans are a wee quieter, pull a wee less bit of power and they have more speeds. It seemed like we were going to get more bang for our buck. We currently have Fantastic Fans and they are LOUD AF.  Not even kidding, when I poop it sounds like I have a chainsaw above my head. It sucks. It’s distracting.
Another decision we made was to go with the MaxxAir 4000K instead of the schfancier models.

The 4000K is a manual crank 10-speed fan that is reversible. We didn’t feel like we needed the rain sensor and the remote. We read that many people have problems with the rain sensors and since we have the vent covers, we don’t care about rain. We also felt we didn’t need the remote since we have low ceilings and even my short ass is able to reach.  Since we were purchasing 3 of them, cost was also a factor. To upgrade to the 4500k it would have been about $120 more.  Not much in the grand scheme, but we didn’t think that those niceties were worth the extra money. Another cool thing that the 4000k featured was “ceiling fan mode”.  You can run the fan with the vent closed and it acts like a ceiling fan! Nifty, right?
Scott will be here in about a week to get the roof going. We plan on being completely transparent about the process and cost, so here’s where we are currently at in expenditures in roof adventures:
Dicor Self-Leveling Lap Sealant – Dove (Bright White)  @ 7.87   x2 $15.74
MaxxAir II Vent Cover, White @ 46.59   x3 $139.77
MaxxFan Standard 4000K @ 139.99  x3 $419.97
Superflex Butyl Tape, 3/4″ X 60′ @ 14.39 x1 $14.39
We did our research before purchasing and checked out all online retailers. After the cost above, we received a discount from our Good Sam membership because we ordered from Camping World. We also got Free Shipping and paid $0 in tax.  I also was able to use our EBates account to get an additional 3% cash back on that total!  The next cheapest retailer was Amazon and ordering from Camping World saved us about $50.  The downside is that we have to wait a week instead of getting free 2 day shipping, but we don’t need them in 2 days. I’d rather save the money.
Oh…and we spent ~$25 having to purchase paper checks. Weird, right? We haven’t had paper checks in about 10 years. It was cheaper for us to pay by check than to pay with a card (processing fee would be passed to us).  Unfortunately, because our bank is not in Maine….it would have been a pain in the butt to get the cash together.
We are excited to get the roof done. We will be keeping you in the loop as we go in case you are in the market for a new roof too!
Happy Trails!
This post contains affiliate links for both Amazon and EBates. If you click them, it costs you NOTHING, but it helps us fund things like a new roof. So click, share, buy and know that each time we see an affiliate sale we giggle and know we’re loved! 

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