Long walks and lots of poop in Wachula, FL.

Let me say first that I don’t have any formal writing experience except for what one receives in the public school system. I’ll do my best to keep the grammar nazis at bay but I’m still a dumb white kid from upstate NY.  Please don’t set your expectations too high and you won’t be disappointed. That being said some useful or constructive criticism on my writing style would not be unwelcome to make these easier to read. I haven’t decided what I plan to do with this blog. I guess I really like the idea of having a place to record my thoughts, experiences and ideas about this adventure that isn’t Facebook or YouTube. So for now this is going to be a public diary of our journey of sorts. An open letter to my friend’s and family maybe. Let’s see what happens shall we?

Under that pretense if you’re still reading thanks. I feel like there are a few friends and family who would be interested in reading these. There’s something different about typing this out and then people actually taking the time to read it. Something special maybe? I don’t know. I’ll do my best not to bore you or ramble to much.
We’ve been here at Thousand Trails Peace River a couple days. It’s in Wachula Fl. It’s a pretty nice place to have some time to relax. And as I’d hoped we have found some downtime at last. We’re settling in to the rig. Finding where things should be. The transition hasn’t been terrible but there definitely were some bumps the last few days. If you’ve been following on Facebook you saw we lost some pieces of the rig on the way over! Crazy! But we have a great spot. It’s quiet, very pretty and in this section the sites are spacious. We don’t have a sewer connection on our site only water and electric. But it’s a welcome challenge for us to see how far we can go on our tanks before we need to empty them. More on that later.
I do all the cooking for us. So going from mediocre counter space to next to no counter space is definitely challenging. None the less I have been able make some decent meals for us. Before we left I purchased a new cast iron skillet and pot and I’m loving cooking with them. They work on our propane cook top and the induction cook top as well. I can put it in the oven or on the grill. And if I’m feeling froggy we can cook on the campfire with it. It’s a bit heavy compared to other pans but I think the benefits out weigh the extra pounds.
It was raining all day today but otherwise the weather has been fantastic. It gets a little muggy during the hotter parts of the day but we have the rig parked so the sun never shines on the windshield. We ended up that way purely by accident but I definitely want to try and make that a conscious decision in the future. It makes managing the internal temperature of the rig so much easier and we haven’t had to run the ac much. I’d rather have the windows open and use our vortex fan. The less power we consume to maintain our comfort the better.
I’m going to have to change the way I shop a bit too. Whenever I would go to the store to get provisions (I do most of the shopping as well) generally I’d buy the largest box they had of whatever it was I needed. Then I wouldn’t have to go back for more as often. Unfortunately we don’t have the room to store the jumbo 37 roll package of toilet paper and paper towels. It’s unfortunate because buying in bulk is cheaper but I’ve noticed that the last few days I’m a bit more aware of what I’m using and the supplies we have available. I feel like I really want to see how little we can get by on. Now I’m not saying I want to deprive myself of anything but how much waste we create and how much we consume is definitely more of a concern. In our rental they picked up the trash twice a week and both cans were regularly full. 2 people should not be making that much trash. We’re going to work on that.
The spot we chose here at the campground is electric and water only. They have a honey wagon that will come pump out your waste tanks once a week for free and then 10 per pump out. We’ve been here since Sunday night it’s now Thursday and we’re at about 3 eighths full on our gray water and not even 1/4 on the black tank. We’ve been paying attention to how much water we’re using so we can go as long as possible without pumping out the tanks. This practice will pay off later when we’re at a similar spot (water and electric only) and they don’t have a honey wagon. In those instances you would have to drive the RV over to a dump station. That can be a real drag to break camp just to take a shower. Pookie prefers to shower in the coach and do the Navy shower which saves water. They have a nice bath house here with tons of hot water. I’ll usually head down there in the afternoon to take a shower. There’s never a line then and plenty of hot water. If you wait too long you’ll be waiting in line while the families with no other options get washed up before bed. If you go late in the evening you usually don’t have to wait either but the place could be a mess by then. Not always but some people don’t know how to be courteous and clean up after themselves.
Speaking of rude people. Some still don’t pick up after their pets. If I can pick up my dog’s shit they can, too. Dozer and I were out walking and he found a pile. I was talking with a neighbor and he decided to roll in it. All over his neck and shoulders. On his leash and collar. Gross! I’ll never understand a dogs desire to smell like animal shit. So the D Man got his first bath in the outdoor shower today. While we’re on the subject of dog shit, last night Dozer and I went for our last walk before bed and he decided to crap right next to the this guy’s truck. I was horrified but prepared myself to clean it up. I looked down and realized we were out of poop bags in the carrier. I panicked,  I didn’t know what to do. What if someone saw me leave a pile of shit next to the truck and I didn’t pick it up? In shame, Dozer and I ran back to the rig to replenish our poop bag supply. We then ran back to the scene of the crime and I was relieved the swat team hadn’t shown up yet to investigate. We quickly cleaned up our mess and hurried out of there with our poop bags and heads held high.

All in all we’re having a great time. We got Pookie’s desk set up and she can get her work done. Dozer gets 4 to 5 long walks a day which equals more exercise for me. They have a nice nature trail here that’s multiuse. We rode our bikes and took the D man walking by the river. It doesn’t get much better than this.
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    OMG, I was reading the poop incident out loud to my husband. I had to keep stopping because we were laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Great story.

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