Life has a flavor…it's Strawberry Banana

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. – Eleanor Roosevelt
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I have run quite a few “color” events and by far I give the biggest thumbs up to Flavor Run! On May 16, 2015 I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in the Ft. Pierce flavor run at the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds with my friends.  The weather was a perfect 80 degrees with an overcast. We could not have asked for better weather for a late morning race! I would like to thank Flavor Run for the 4-Pack of Tickets that I won on their Facebook Page! Since some of the other “color-type” runs I had done weren’t all that great, I don’t think I would’ve given Flavor Run a chance and that would’ve been a mistake! It is definitely worth it!!!flavor (2)
I, as usual, was running late (I blame the long line at Starbucks!!!) and despite my tardiness check-in was a breeze! Parking was very well organized so there was no wait to get in. There was a very short line at packet pick-up, but I loved how they set it up. Grab your bib at one table and your t-shirt at the next so it didn’t bog up the line!!! I would also like to mention that I loved that Flavor Run mentioned that their shirts run small! I chose a Ladies Large and it fit PERFECTLY! I love the quality of their shirts and the simple design!
They had a warm-up dance going as I approached and the DJ and MC had the crowd ready to go! They were already partying before the race! They started in waves and had strollers off to the side, which I thought was a brilliant idea!!! We snapped a few pics, lined up for the last wave and off we went! The route was set up a bit different than other races at our Fairground and I loved that they switched it up! Finally, a race company that DID NOT bring us behind the rodeo arena to step in bull crap!!! They cut left just before the area! I don’t know if they meant to do it that way, but it worked out perfect! It wasn’t long before we reached the first Flavor Zone…and my favorite….Strawberry Banana! It really does taste good!! Yeah, that’s right….I licked myself, what of it?!  Ha ha! We also ran into Grape, Blueberry, Orange and Watermelon! I thought it was really great that they had music set up at each of the station to get everyone pumped! They also had photographers….which were much appreciated…..flavor (3)
My absolute FAVORITE part of the Flavor Run was the finish line! They had random strangers to give high fives! Who doesn’t want a high five as they finish?! It was awesome! They made me laugh! The race had great medals, awesome fruit plates and a killer party! The DJ was great, the energy was high and I even snagged a pair of Flavor Run sunglasses that were launched from the stage! Overall this was my favorite “color” themed event. They did a fantastic job from start to finish and I would definitely do it again! Thanks Flavor Run!!!!
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