And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away

I ran.
I ran 13.1 miles…kind of.
I ran, I walked, I stalked wounded gazelles and I chased them down.
It’s no secret that I hate running, but running can be enjoyable if you do it right.
On Sunday, February 15, 2015 I completed the Publix A1A Half Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale with a group of really awesome people of which included my friend Jorean. The morning was freezing and dark as we gathered by the 13+ minute mile pace maker at the start line. We knew we were going to take it slow and just have fun. We were the party pace!
We started off in a group of 7 of us + 1 really awesome dog and within a few miles Jorean and I decided we had enough of getting passed by the elderly and took off like bats out of hell. Ok, maybe not bats out of hell…but we moved faster. We started playing a game where we would stalk our prey, wounded gazelles, and we would run past them roaring and growling! After we would catch a gazelle we would walk for a few minutes while we stalked new prey! This is how we made it 13.1 miles and it didn’t feel like far at all!
We had SO much fun! We walked, we ran, we stalked, we attacked and took a few goofy selfies along the way!

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