Dude, Where's My Car?

Partied a little hard last night and forget where you parked your car? Never fear! Google Maps is here!

We just found out about Google’s Location History feature! As long as you’ve got your phone on you, Google Maps tracks everywhere you’ve been and how long you’ve been there! It even saves your pictures for you! This is a really cool feature for travelers!


To access Your Timeline, go to Google Maps and open the menu. Select “Your Timeline” on the menu.

It will give you an overview of All Time and then you can choose a specific date to see your trip! I am really digging the feature that tags your photos to the location. You can see in this picture that I took a cold shower at Candy Hill Campground!  I hadn’t quite figured out how to work the propane water heater yet!
It also will show you your most visited places and suggest trips for you to view!
If you click on a suggested trip, it shows you the days that you were on the trip and where you went on each day. You can choose the different days by selecting the date on the bottom.
At first I wasn’t sure if I was seriously impressed and excited about this cool tool that I found, or if I was totally creeped out by Big Brother. I’m pretty sure that since I’m an IT geek and wanderer, I am pretty darn impressed.
If you’re not impressed and you want to turn it off, you can easily turn it off from the main Timeline Page!
The Timeline is accessible from both the web and your phone! Check it out and see where you’ve been! Happy Tracking!

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