Cold Feet

We decided that we wanted to travel full-time so we sold everything we owned and got an RV. Then….I got cold feet!

Literally. The weather is never certain, and in an RV it’s magnified. When it’s a little bit cold, it’s really cold. When it’s a little bit hot…it’s really hot in the RV.  Maybe it’s different for what are considered four season rigs, but we don’t have great insulation and the weather can be tricky to manage.
We spent the first 6 weeks bouncing around FL where it was still sweltering during the day in February and March.  It was getting hotter by the day and we knew we had to get out of there, but a severe storm system battered the south and kept us grounded with tornado and flash flood warnings into the first week of April. Once we finally got clear of the severe weather, we headed out to South and North Carolina. The weather was rainy, but not terribly cold. Once we hit the mountains of Virgina the world changed!
On our way into Devil’s Backbone Brewery in Lexington we stopped to get gas and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the standard southern uniform.  I took one step out of the RV, ran back inside and changed into pants and sweatshirt! Holy moly was it cold!  As we trekked our way northeast through Pennsylvania and New Jersey is got colder and wetter! One night the storms were so bad in Pennsylvania that a little girl in a neighboring campground was killed when a tree fell on her RV. Even the neighbor’s golf cart flew off and landed next to our RV.  It was insane!
We actually enjoy the cold and it’s been really nice to be able to go outside and do maintenance without your ass sweating immediately. When we lived in what we commonly refer to as “The Devil’s Armpit”, you couldn’t even walk to the mailbox without your shirt getting soaked with sweat. The one problem I’ve been having though, is cold feet.
We’ve been through 4 different types of socks, single and double layers, adding Uggs…nothing helps. From smart wool hiking socks to Carhartt Arctic and I still have popsicles!

The rest of my body is perfectly fine but my feet are FREEZING. The Bear says even in Florida I always had cold feet but this is just ridiculous. I did some googling to find that when your core temperature drops, the tiny blood vessels in your extremities constrict so that you have more blood flow in your core to keep you warm. Well, my core is warm for sure but my feetsies are little ice blocks!!!!
How do you keep warm in your cold weather? Do you have a favorite brand of socks to keep your feet warm? I’m willing to try anything! I even put little heating packs in my socks!  HELP!

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  1. Linda says:

    I have seen gel socks you put in
    The microwave to heat up and the heat lasts a few hours. They also have socks with heating elements that are battery operated. Maine’s outdoor stores have them. People use them for ice fishing and snowmobiling.

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