The only thing that is constant is Change…and Bandaids.

Have you ever thought about how familiar your environment is?
You live in the same house every day, you travel the same route to your job at the same place. You go to the same gym every day and frequent the same restaurants.  You run by the same park near your house every day and sometimes you stop and sit on the same wooden bench to catch your breath. The bench looks and feels the same every day. You know that you can run your hand along the top of the bench, as you have hundreds of times, and it won’t filet your hand like dead fish.

When you are taken out of your familiar environment and you are a klutz…everything is a danger. I have never gotten splinters and I’ve had two this month. I also just sliced my finger on a razor reaching into my shower bag at the bathhouse because our hot water heater is broken and we’re waiting on the part.
I never really thought about the comfort of familiarity. I knew what dips in the road to avoid when I was running. I knew what park benches had rough edges. I had a general idea of what was waiting for me around every corner. When we have the same routine every day and visit the same places on a regular basis we come to know them like the back of our hand. We know what is safe and what is not.  I knew where all the neighborhood dogs resided and we didn’t have to worry about being chased and bitten by loose dogs. Yeah, that happened yesterday.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything…bumps, bruises and ankle biters. It’s perfect and it’s amazing…but it does give you something to think about.  We are so ingrained in our routine, our habits and the things we are familiar with that we take for granted how safe we are. Sure, we all like to think we are living on the edge and adventurous but how often do you really get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new?
That is your task for this week: Go somewhere new.
I want you to go to a trail, museum, downtown somewhere you have never been. Don’t plan it, don’t do a lot of research…just go for it. Expect the unexpected and get out of your routine!
Oh…and make sure you bring bandaids.

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