Airplanes: the final Frontier. These are the voyages of Pookie and The Bear

Who wouldn’t want to fly on an Airline that uses a promocode like “DEEZNUTS” ?  I am happy to report that our experience with Frontier Air was awesome.

We were very nervous about our day of travel considering the very rocky start we had with our Budget Rental car. Let’s just say we won’t be booking with them every again. What a nightmare!
We were pleasantly surprised with Frontier and we will be using them again, as well as recommending the line to friends. I had a few issues booking the flight on as the website kept crashing on multiple browser, but after a few times I got it to take. As the day approached I had been reading some not so stellar reviews online and I was afraid that I had made a grave mistake in booking Frontier. Check-in was a breeze, we did it right online the day before. They even gave us the option to add bags or change seats at the last minute. When we arrived at the airport to drop off our giant piece of crap car from Budget, we breezed through TSA and went right to the gate. Ok, that was a lie. It wasn’t quite a breeze. Bear left change in his pocket and they wanted to thoroughly scrutinize the beautiful bracelet that our dear friend Linda had given to me.
Once we got to the gate it was smooth sailing. Our plane departed and arrived exactly on time. Boarding was quick and smooth. They did stop me at boarding to ask a few questions as I had a doctor’s note for my butt pillow and I was sitting in an emergency seat. They wanted to make sure that i would be able to perform during an emergency and I assured them that I was physically able and willing to assist. I just needed the pillow because sitting in one position for a long time causes a bit of soreness on my tailbone still. We hopped on board and took our super roomy upgraded seats. Check out that leg room!
The seats were not *the most* comfortable, but they certainly weren’t the worst. The legroom really made up for it!!  It was a very quiet flight and comfortable. They offered a number of refreshments, at a cost of course. It was no different than flying any other airline, in fact I would say that if you took advantage of their Happy Hour bundles, you saved money vs. flying another line. I flew a different airline in April and the drinks were actually MORE expensive. I want to say that I paid $8 for drinks on that line and this one was $7 and if you got the bundle of multiple drinks you got free snacks! Free snacks, you say? Yes…FREE SNACKS!  Who doesn’t love free snacks when you’re putting back little airplane bottles of whiskey.  But I digress, we did not partake. It was 9am and while a bloody mary sounded tempting, we had a long day ahead of us and we had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before!!!
All in all, it was a great experience. The stewardesses were super nice and helpful and we were seated across from a couple of pilots moving on to their next destination. We even had our row to ourselves! The Bear took full advantage of the peace and quiet of an early morning flight and he was out like a light!

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