A Theory Tested 

When Pookie and I decided to embark on this journey we came up with this crazy idea that we could go anywhere so long as she could find this remote job that would be the answer to our unfortunate need for money to finance the adventure. I wish Regina would run on hugs and well wishes but 6 mpg is going to require some cash. In the beginning there was a lot of dreaming and what if-ing on our part. In reality that’s kind of where the adventure begins. We talked about where we wanted to go and the places we wanted to see. We even bought a map of the US and stuck pins in all the important places so we could try and plan a route. We told Dozer about all the amazing walks he could go on and piles of poop he could sniff. We didn’t really have a clue how we were going to get there but talking about it and thinking about it kind of motivated us to keep after this thing we wanted to do. I don’t know if I want to call it dream. Sure I thought it would be fun, the three of us exploring the country together. But I honestly wasn’t sure we could make it happen when we came up with this.

Pookie had been working for a company that allowed her to work from home 3 days a week. The other two she had to commute to Okeechobee for her job. She had said in the beginning that she enjoyed working for the company and the people she worked with. They were basically paying for her college degree as long as she got good grades. We really couldn’t walk away from that. I felt that as long as she finished her degree we would have the financial security we needed to take the leap. Initially we hinged the plan on the company keeping her on and allowing her to work remotely. I didn’t think they would let her quit at that time. We discussed coming back to Florida in the winter and setting up camp in or near Okeechobee so she could be on site if need be. We came up with a good sales pitch for our idea and when the time was right she let her supervisor know. She told them a year and a half in advance about what she wanted to do. Basically giving them an ultimatum. Move her to 100% remote so we could travel by a certain date or she would be leaving for another job by April or whatever date it was. The company was very agreeable and planned to do just that. Then the company was purchased by a larger conglomerate corporation. She can probably tell you better than I that she was growing unhappy as the days went by. At one point along the way they decided that they wouldn’t be keeping her on and she had effectively given her notice of resignation as far as the new owners were concerned. I really think they expected her to stay on and work until the date they so graciously told her she was employed until. We let them keep right on thinking that. Shortly there after she was employed by a her new company. More money, better benefits and 100% location independent. I really believe they thought she wouldn’t actually leave.
I on the other hand really had no solid plan to contribute financially to this undertaking. Finding a job on the road that doesn’t involve technology or sales can be tough. I’m a hands on jack of all trades. I can do lots of things but getting a regular paycheck for it out here isn’t going to be easy. I decided to bring a downsized version of my DJ rig with us. fortunately we were able to sacrifice some storage to bring it with. I won’t know for a while whether or not it was a wise decision but I have the ability to possibly make some cash with that. There is no way in hell I would have set out on this journey without my tools. I did have to part with some of them but for the most part I can fix just about whatever is wrong with the VW and a lot of things on the RV. There is definitely some ability to make money or help someone in need with my tool chest. A guy knocked on our door about 9 am yesterday. He saw the van and wanted me to fix his bicycles. I absolutely agreed and he brought them down. A couple hours later his bikes were ready to ride. I made a few bucks and new friend in the park. While this isn’t going to fill the tank I think its the beginning of a something good. There are a good number of people here that are working part time to make some cash right in the park system. I met a woman who cuts hair. I met an RV Tech traveling in his coach. There are multiple people selling hand made crafts. I’ll be swinging wrenches in Bar Harbor, Maine this summer earning my keep and after that who knows. Maybe driving a tour bus at Yellowstone. Why not right?
As I sit here typing this I’m watching all the people roll by on their bikes. I have a feeling being a bike mechanic in a campground is probably a good place to be. The van is parked right in front of me. Everyone that walks by reads the windows and checks out the VW. You can’t ask for a better advertisement to catch peoples eyes. People come and take pictures of it almost everyday.

So yeah I’m making some money just like I hoped. life is pretty good here in Wachula. We’re even making some new friends to travel with for a while. I’m not even sure I want to leave. It’s only our first stop and I’m ready to stay. How cool is that?
The Bear

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  1. Ray Stuehmer says:

    You write very well. They assumed that Mo was beholden to the paycheck like most are. I’ve been telling the kids to set themselves up to be able to quit whenever YOU want and the time to be looking for new job is the first day on the new job. It’s a different world than I grew up in and you have set yourself up to call the shots. Like you guys did. Bravo!
    P. S. We’re the beers good?

  2. Lou says:

    I love it when a plan actually works! You two have been determined from the start to make this thing a reality, and this post shows just that. Thanks for sticking in there, it gives us hope we’ll be on the road soon too. Here’s to the adventures ahead.

  3. kg5ohc says:

    Good luck out there. I like your post it makes me feel more confident in the things I’ve been writing.
    I am a hands on hard worker too, and keep trying to figure out how that can earn enough to live on the road. Let me know if you figure something out.
    Right now I’m waiting on 2.5 months of basic(warrenty) rv repairs. I’m tempted to set up a traveling repair shop.

    • baywindowbear says:

      People with skills and tools can always find odd jobs. I think the key is being low key about it. Be friendly and let people know you’re able to help and I bet you can find work.

      • kg5ohc says:

        Hey this is awesome, I know its not erelevant, but I just figured out WordPress notifies me for comments even on other people’s blogs.

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