10 days until Full-Time RV Living

10 days.
That’s right folks, we are 10 short days away from moving into our RV and travelling the grand old US of A.  To be honest, I’ve been an emotional trainwreck the last few weeks. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh most days. We planned, we had a timeline, we had goals and we SMASHED them. We are 10 days away…the RV is ready, we are 90% moved in and the house is empty except for furniture we’ll put to the curb. Reservations have been made, addresses have been changed and we have accomplished every single thing we have set out to do in preparation and more. I am so excited that we stuck to our plan and everything went accordingly, but I am still nervous.

You see, I’ve been in this town nearly 3 decades. I moved an hour away once for a few months…maybe a year…but I’ve been in this little town my whole life. The world is so big and I don’t know anything about it. Every time we go on vacation, I am fascinated by the beauty of all these new places I have never seen. Who knew that a camping trip 4.5 years ago would lead us to moving into an RV. I loved that vacation, it was the first time I had ever camped. It rained the whole time and it was freezing cold. It was glorious. I wanted to stay in those woods forever.
So this is it…the last days. We have a few small details to zip up like shutting off the utilities, having the house cleaned, dropping off our 2nd car to it’s new owner.  These are all things that we have to wait until the last minute. We head out on a Sunday morning and our destination is about 2 hours Northwest of here. We plan to stay for 2 weeks and then mosey along north from there. Our goal is to be in Maine by the end of May so that we can get settled in before The Bear starts his seasonal job.
I hope we like it. I hope it is everything we expect to be and more. We know that it’s going to be hard. Things are going to go wrong, stuff is going to break, there will be delays and some days will probably suck…but that sure sounds like everyday living right now. We’re ready to roll with the punches! Let’s just hope they aren’t sucker punches!
In case you were wondering, we have been doing some video recording as we count down the days, but with everything going on we haven’t had time to edit and post them. Rest assured, they are coming.  They’ll have you on the edge of your seat…you don’t want to miss us eating breakfast for the last time at our favorite restaurant 😉

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