Camping With A Pitbull

My bully camps! Does yours?
Camping with a Pitbull or other breed traditionally considered to be “dangerous” is like renting an apartment, it can be a challenge if you don’t do a little research.
Pull up a chair, grab a drink and watch the video below! Get to know Dozer and learn a little bit about camping with a Pitbull…

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Chasing a dream is hard work.

That is how many days we have left until our planned launch. We may stick to that date, we may not. Sailors write their plans in the sand at low tide…and apparently so do RVers.
When we came up with this crazy dream…it was just that, a dream. We were going to save our pennies, buy a small RV and travel. Seems pretty simple, but it was a safe idea because it was just a dream. A photo, a phone call and a plane ride led to it becoming a reality much sooner than we realized. (Thanks Dad & Ellyn!)
If anyone ever tells you that downsizing and moving into an RV is easy, they’re a liar. Yes, it’s fun and we are enjoying the journey but man this is hard work! It’s almost overwhelming some days. The closer we get, the more we realize we have no idea what we are doing and we don’t have any solid plans or a plan B or anything really resembling rational adult thinking. All we know is that we’re going on an adventure!

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Dude, Where's My Car?

Partied a little hard last night and forget where you parked your car? Never fear! Google Maps is here!

We just found out about Google’s Location History feature! As long as you’ve got your phone on you, Google Maps tracks everywhere you’ve been and how long you’ve been there! It even saves your pictures for you! This is a really cool feature for travelers!


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